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ObjectiveDefine a communication and collaboration strategy to work with stakeholders

This practice spans across the entire project, but plays a particularly important role in early phases of software development when most needs are expressed and requirements are defined.


The practice applies to all projects. It is particularly recommended for projects with a large number of stakeholders with diverse perspectives and needs.

Addressed elements in SMM1.2. Eliciting needs of stakeholders
Prerequisites to applyThe initial group of stakeholders has been identified and established.
  1. Establish communication channels for stakeholders
    1. Make sure the communication channels are available (and easy to use) for all stakeholders
    2. Consider establishing routines for the communication with stakeholders (including formats or de-facto standards, etc.)
    3. Consider preferences of stakeholders in choosing the appropriate channel for communication.
  2. Define and maintain a communication strategy
    1. Periodically consult the stakeholders about the project to maintain the contact
    2. Record at least the key parts of communication with stakeholders
    3. If possible, appoint a dedicated team member responsible for communicating with stakeholders.
    4. Consider various informational needs of stakeholders; Identify groups of stakeholders with similar needs and define separate strategies for them
    5. Involve the stakeholders in the decision-making process
  1. The communication channel is not available or difficult to use
    1. The stakeholders will not communicate their needs or they will be expressed in a different way
  2. The responsibility for communicating with stakeholders is not defined
    1. Communication with stakeholders may be inconcise and difficult to track
  3. The capabilities of the communication channel are not adequate to the relevance of information
    1. Information sent via the channel can be lost or malformed.
  4. The communication with stakeholders is not recorded
    1. Decisions and information sent to and from stakeholders can be lost or malformed.
Related practices

This practice has been defined based on the survey, supported by the observation by the SwM team.

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