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ObjectiveIdentify the artifacts, processes and decisions that need to be documented. Define a maintenance policy for the documentation.

This practice spans across entire project, but is particularly important in the initial phases of the project.


The practice applies to all projects.

Addressed elements in SMM2.2. Documentation development and management
Prerequisites to applynone
  1. Identify relevant artifacts, processes and decisions that need to be documented
    1. Identify public and restricted documentation
    2. Identify the items that need and do not need to be documented
    3. For each item that needs to be documented, indicate prospective recipients for the documentation
    4. Avoid over- and under-documenting.
  2. Define a policy (policies) for documenting
    1. Assign responsibility for maintaining the documentation and/or processes
    2. A documentation policy defines the content, format, recipients and the maintenance approach.
    3. Define maintenance policies for various items and periodically update them. Give priority to core items or items frequently changed
    4. Periodically verify if the policy is followed and adhered to.
    5. Provide a feedback channel for the public documentation
  1. The documentation policy is not followed
    1. The documentation becomes obsolete and its users cannot rely on it
  2. The documentation policies are not properly assigned to items
    1. Relevant items may be inadequately documented
  3. The documentation policy is not updated
    1. The policy does not correspond to current needs.
Related practices

This practice has been defined based on the survey, supported by the observation by the SwM team.

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