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ObjectiveBased on captured needs and requirements, identify characteristics that the product has to conform to, and define test conditions that verify them

This practice should be initiated at the requirements phase and then periodically re-iterated during subsequent phases.


The practice applies to all projects.

Addressed elements in SMM
Prerequisites to applyThe needs and requirements for the project have been collected.
  1. Identify relevant quality characteristics
    1. Review available software quality models for the relevant quality characteristics
    2. Discuss the relevant quality characteristics with the team
    3. Involve stakeholders in the discussion
    4. Assign priorities to the captured characteristics.
  2. Identify test conditions that need to be verified
    1. Identify test conditions based on literature review, experience and/or brainstorming.
    2. Assign responsibility for maintaining the test condictions (to the Test Leader)
    3. Repeat the sessions of the test conditions discovery periodically
  1. Stakeholders are not consulted
    1. Some characteristics relevant for the project are not properly covered
  2. Priorities assigned to the characteristics and test conditions do not reflect actual needs
    1. Necessary trade-offs between priorities are not resolved adequately
  3. Test conditions have not been correctly identified
    1. Conformance to the quality requirements is not properly verified
Related practices
SourceThis practice has been defined based on the literature.
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