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ObjectiveCreate a quality assurance plan for the project, including methods, budget, staff and schedule

This practice concerns all phases of the project, starting from development


The practice applies to all projects.

Addressed elements in SMM

3.2. Quality assurance planning

Prerequisites to applyThe core requirements and relevant quality characteristics have been identified
  1. Create a quality assurance plan
    1. Review the identified quality characteristics and test conditions for the project
    2. Based on literature and experience, identify adequate methods and approaches (reviews, tests, static/dynamic analysis) to be used
    3. Allocate necessary resources (budget, staff, schedule)
    4. Consult the plan with the team
  2. Maintain the quality assurance plan
    1. Assign responsibility for maintaining the quality assurance plan (Team Leader, by default)
    2. Periodically review the plan to address changes in requirements and needs
  1. The plan does not exist or is too generic
    1. Quality assurance activities are not properly planned and/or performed ad hoc
    2. The cost of quality assurance cannot be estimated accurately
  2. The plan is outdated or is not maintained
    1. The planned quality assurance activities do not correspond to the actual needs
Related practices

BP-A.3: Identify, analyze and manage requirements

BP-C.2: Identify relevant quality characteristics and test conditions, and provide verification criteria for them

SourceThis practice has been defined based on the literature.
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