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ObjectiveUse appropriate and adequate methods to verify the project deliverables

This practice mostly concerns the development and maintenance phases of the product.


The practice applies to all projects.

Addressed elements in SMM
Prerequisites to applyThe development has started.
  1. Use diverse sources to identify available methods and techniques
    1. Review the literature to identify available methods and techniques.
    2. Review the selected methods and techniques with experienced QAs
  2. Assign appropriate methods and techniques to specific types of deliverables
    1. Use effectiveness as the primary criterion for the assignment.
    2. Consult the assignment with experienced QAs
    3. Use historical data to support the assignment
  3. Document the results of verification
    1. Maintain traceability between test conditions, test cases and test results
    2. Use appropriate tools for track the progress and record the results of the verification process.
    3. Collect metrics to evaluate the effectiveness of the verification process
  1. Quality plan relies mostly on a single approach only (usually testing)
    1. The quality can be more expensive or less effective than it could be
    2. The method can be inappropriate for specific types of deliverables
Related practicesBP-C.3: Elaborate and maintain quality plan for the project
SourceThis practice has been defined based on the literature and the results of the survey.
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