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ObjectiveMonitor selected quality parameters of the product and the project

This practice concerns all phases of the project, starting the development phase.


The practice applies to all projects.

Addressed elements in SMM

3.7 Monitoring of quality parameters

Prerequisites to applyThe development of the product has started.
  1. Identify and operationalize relevant quality parameters that require continuous monitoring
    1. Establish a registry for the monitored parameters. Prefer fewer core parameters rather than several, but non-essential ones.
    2. Define the measurement method(s) and thresholds. Provide justifications for each parameter, method(s) and thresholds.
    3. Assign responsibility for monitoring.
    4. Measure effectiveness of each monitored parameter.
    5. If feasible, use automation to collect the values of the parameters
    6. If the monitoring requires too much effort, review and revise the registry of monitored parameters
  2. Interpret the values and provide reaction to them
    1. Elaborate contingency procedures to be applied if a parameter exceeds its threshold
  1. Inappropriate parameters are monitored
    1. Team cannot properly react to anomalies in parameter values.
  2. Monitoring requires too much effort from the team
    1. There are too many parameters monitored
    2. Methods of collecting the parameters' values are not adequate.
    3. Team's velocity decreases.
Related practicesBP-C.2: Identify relevant quality characteristics and test conditions, and provide verification criteria for them
SourceThis practice has been defined based on the literature.
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