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ObjectiveImprove and optimize the quality assurance process based on collected data (including also informal and anecdotal information)

This practice mostly concerns the development and maintenance phases of the product.


The practice applies to all projects, in particular those long-lasting and with multiple releases.

Addressed elements in SMM

3.9. Retrospection in quality assurance processes

Prerequisites to applyQuality assurance process is in use for some time.
  1. Collect data concerning the QA process
    1. Provide a registry for storing comments, remarks and observations concerning QA process and make it available to all team members
  2. Maintain the QA process
    1. Elaborate variants of the proposed changes to the QA process
    2. Organize periodic introspection meetings to brainstorm and discuss the collected comments.
    3. Assign responsibility for improving the QA process (Test Leader, by default)
    4. Decide collectively in the team on adapting and modifying the QA process
  1. Decisions are not made and/or approved by the entire team
    1. The changes in the quality assurance process are boycotted by the team
Related practices
SourceThis practice has been defined based on the literature.
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