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ObjectiveProvide the team with effective and reliable means of communication

This practice spans across all phases of the project.


The practice applies to all projects.

Addressed elements in SMM

4.2 Effective communication channels

Prerequisites to applynone
  1. Identify the communication needs of all team members
    1. Provide official and informal platforms/channels of communication within the team
    2. Consider storing a permanent record of communication, if needed.
    3. Consider geographical dispersion of the team members.
    4. Consider the capabilities of the channel (chat, audio, audio+video, file transfer, integration with other channels)
  2. Provide communication channels
    1. Consider backup platforms and channels, if needed.
    2. Dedicate channels for communication with stakeholders.
    3. Give priority to the channels offered by the tools available in the organization.
  1. Channels are not reliable, adequate or effective enough, compared to actual needs
    1. Communication within the team is disturbed
Related practicesBP-A.2: Elaborate of a communication strategy for stakeholders
SourceThis practice has been defined based on the results of the survey, supported by the observation by the SwM team.
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