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ObjectiveImplement an effective and accepted decision-making process within the team.

This practice spans across all phases of the project.


The practice applies to all projects.

Addressed elements in SMM

4.3. Decision-making in the team

Prerequisites to applynone
  1. Identify decision areas that require individual accountability of the decision maker
    1. Consult the team before making the decision.
    2. Refer to other officers in the organization, is necessary and applicable.
    3. Provide justification for the decision.
    4. Announce the decision using the appropriate communication channel
    5. Make sure the decision is understood by all team members.
  2. Identify decision areas that require team accountability
    1. Allow the team to make the decision using an established mechanism (voting, by default)
    2. Elaborate a method for conflict resolution.
  3. Define a method of recording and announcing the decisions
    1. Choose a communication channel that is immediately available to all involved parties.
    2. Record the decisions along with a brief justification.
  1. Decisions are made by the Team Leader only
    1. Decisions are not accepted and/or boycotted by the team.
  2. Decisions are not justified
    1. Decisions do not reflect all relevant circumstances.
  3. There is no effective conflict resolution method
    1. Tensions within the team rise.
    2. Decisions are not made or are not accepted
  4. Accountability is not defined
    1. Decisions are boycotted by the team
    2. Decisions are late or not made at all.
Related practicesnone
Status of the practiceThis practice has been defined based on the observation by the SwM team.
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