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ObjectiveManage the workload, commitments and schedules of team members, considering their availability and skill set profiles.

This practice spans all phases of software development.


The practice applies to all projects.

Addressed elements in SMM

4.4. Schedules and assignments management

Prerequisites to applynone
  1. Manage the workload in the project
    1. Manage the tasks and activities using a backlog. Assign priority to each item, estimate the required effort and identify risk probability and impact.
    2. Assume an effort overhead, in particular to risky tasks
    3. Involve team members into the estimation process (e.g., using Scrum poker)
  2. Manage availability of team members
    1. Assign the tasks to team members, based on their skillset.
    2. Consider availability (FTE) of the team members in each weekday.
    3. Manage vacation periods of the team members.
  1. Workload of team members is not balanced across the team
    1. Tensions in the team rise.
    2. Project is late
  2. Workload of team members exceeds their formal engagement (FTE)
    1. Tensions in the team rise
    2. High risk of turnover
Related practicesnone
SourceThis practice has been defined based on the observation by the SwM team.
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