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Best Practices help the software teams to attain the goals indicated in the Software Maturity Model. These directional recommendations are aimed to support more effective software development, covering the areas and goals relevant to the GÉANT environment. 

Software Management Team in Task 2 conducted interviews with several GÉANT software development teams.  Based on analysis of the results, we have identified and described the Catalogue of Best Practices. Our goal is to create a solid foundation for GÉANT Software teams for sharing and effective usage of processes, approaches and experiences for software development. 

WHAT we can offer to you?

  • Best practices which are based on GEANT teams' experiences
  • Guidance and support on implementing best practices to increase the value of produced outcomes by teams (software product) 

HOW we will work together?

  • understand on the critical and important processes and practices of your work (with the help of questionnaires, interviews)
  • agree on an approach for the implementation of process improvements
  • observe progress and refine the approach
  • conclude the process and evaluate results

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