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Becoming a Roaming Operator (RO)

An eduroam federation comes with administrative requirements as well as technical ones. This document uses the eduroam Compliance Statement and the European Configuration definitions and documents; which provide a the baseline for the world-wide eduroam community.

Administrative requirements

Operating a federation involves managing and supervising eduroam Identity Providers, eduroam Service Providers, as well as keeping authentication logs, fulfilling uptime requirements, etc. Prospect federation operators should read and understand the requirements in DS5.1.1 ("eduroam Service Definition and Implementation Plan") at, particularly sections 4.1.4 ("Roles and Responsibilities - NROs") and section 6 ("Requirements on Confederation Members").

A prospect NRO also needs to commit to the eduroam policy. The European eduroam policy document can be found at

The RO may outsource the operation of its technical infrastructure (particularly, the Federation Level RADIUS servers) to a third-party, but will remain responsible for eduroam within its service area.

Information management requirements

A Roaming Operator (RO) must maintain a comprehensive overview over eduroam within its service area, and report about its federation's state regularly. The vehicle for such reports is the eduroam database, where information about the RO and all its eduroam SPs and IdPs is stored. The database web interface is open for eduroam operators only; the entry page can be found here:

Generic information on how to deliver information to the eduroam database (XML Schema format) can be found here:

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