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Orchestration, Automation and Virtualisation (OAV)


Welcome to the open GÉANT project wiki area for orchestration, automation and virtualisation (OAV).

This area will be used for knowledge sharing and exchange between GÉANT, NRENs, and organisations interested in applying OAV principles to their network operations. It is also intended to serve as a platform to discuss strategies, common use cases and ideas related to network and service orchestration, automation and virtualisation in our GÉANT community and beyond.

More material will be added on a continuous basis.

OAV logo

Current focus

Logo Training Portal

Training Portal

New classes are available on our Training Portal. The current focus is on orchestration, automation and virtualisation, but also on architectures and CI&CD. Follow our courses of the Network Automation eAcademy! Read more...

OAV - Towards Collaborative Digital Services

OAV Architectures

Follow our work with our latest White Paper: "OAV Architectures" (pdf) (May 26, 2021). Or enjoy our new pamphlet "Towards Collaborative Digital Services" (pdf) and White Papers of NREN OAV architecture analyses. Latest Latest NREN examples are CARNET (pdf), CYNET (pdf), HEAnet (pdf) and SURF (pdf). Read more...

terminology logo

OAV Terminology

New definitions based on internal discussions within WP6 and just recently also in consensus with the GNA-G community. This updated whitepaper is now available (pdf) and can serve as a guideline to members of the community. Read more...

Applied Automation

Service Provider Architecture logo

SPA - Service Provider Architecture

A service management platform that is based on the TM Forum Open Digital Framework. Follow our latest Deliverable D6.6: Transforming Services with Orchestration and Automation (pdf). Read more...

Community Portal logo

OAV Community Portal

Applied OAV examples by country. Follow our community portal to see what NRENs are implementing in their own environments. Read more...

CNaaS logo

CNaaS - Campus Network Management-as-a-Service

Several European NRENs have started offering Campus Network Management as a Service (CNaaS) to their connected institutions, either because the end-institutions or the governments have requested them to do it. Defining the new model, automating the infrastructure and sharing the management are some of the new challenges to solve. Read more...

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