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This space supports the coaches for the successful projects for the third call of the NGI_Trust project.  All coaches should read and be aware of the Coaching Guidelines document. Coaches should support three coaching sessions with the participants, with the following aims:

Coaching Session One

Align goals with participants; assess motivation of participants; align course-grained coaching targets, define fine-grained coaching targets; the NGI-Trust Tailored Software Interdisciplinary Development Assistance tool can be used to quickly Identify a number of fine-grained targets. Collect feedback.

Coaching Session Two

Call in experts (if required) to coach on fine-grained coaching targets in session 2. Evaluate whether coaching goals of session 1 have been achieved. Determine areas for further improvements and make recommendations. Collect feedback.

Coaching Session Three

Evaluate whether the coaching goals have been achieved and collect final feedback. Evaluate progress regarding the concrete realization of the course- and fine-grained target goals in the third-party project; Determine areas for further improvements and make recommendations. Provide coaching report to NGI_Trust. 

The following document templates can be used by projects and coaches:

The following resources may also be helpful for your projects:

Round Three Projects

Coaching Progress

Project  No.
Proposal AcronymSession OneSession TwoSession ThreeFinal ReportCoaching Report
3.13APPSE(tick) - no notes?


3.58CASPER 2.0(tick)(tick) 



3.75Deep Fake(tick)n/an/a(tick)(tick)
3.82FAIR-AI 2.0(tick)(tick)



3.94IRIS Community Credentials(tick)

3.12Keyn 2.0(tick)




3.40PaE Consent Gateway(tick)



3.27PY 2.0(tick)

3.73Solid4DS(tick)(tick) - notes?



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