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The idea behind this script library is to collect links to information about scripts or the actual scripts that help a Network Operations Centre in they daily work. For example make monitoring equipment or troubleshooting problems easier. If you have links to similar efforts or if you are willing to share your scripts please send your information to the TF-NOC list.

General scripting resources

The goal of the IRRToolSet is to make routing information more convenient and useful for network engineers

Juniper scripts

Juniper script library

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Cisco scripts

The Cisco-centric Open Source Community

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Alcatel scripts

Link to page with Alcatel information retrieval scripts

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Nagios and Icinga plugin for VCS

Plugin for VCS

Nagios plugins

The wrapper plugin is available at

check_fping IPv6 patch is available at

Credit: Teemu Kiviniemi (CSC/Funet)

Icinga demo VM

this is of course not the 99% some would expect, but it's a compiled best-of-practices demo vm, from my 3 years experience with icinga & its community.

(sourceforge mirrors take ages to sync 3.3gb - otherwise i will have the vm with me)

this version will probably be the final one we can use during the meeting, unless someone has critical suggestions to it.

what this demo vm does *not* provide:

- a config gui (i don't use any, and i cannot take the support for chosing any to showcase)
- remote host monitoring plus windows
- nagvis (we do not use that)
- special distributed monitoring examples
- postgresql or oracle on idoutils
- <chose your preferred tool>

what it *does* provide

- current releases of each tool, packages preferred for upgrade safety
- icinga with idoutils mysql
- classic ui & new icinga web
- pnp4nagios for graphing, fully integrated in both uis
- icinga reporting based on idoutils mysql, fully integrated into icinga web reporting cronk
- checkmk on snmp inventory and check basis
- nrpe and nsca running locally
- check_multi for clustering checks and dualstacking v4 and v6 checks
- mod_gearman with a local worker to showcase distributed monitoring & check offloading the core
- dns(sec), whois, logs, and more plugin examples & best practices, seperated by virtual example hosts
- README links all needed locations, docs, howtos, etc

for more insights, check /home/icinga/README which got all the needed details.

it's currently ova format, if anyone wants vmware, you might convert yourself then.

hint: i am using a german keyboard with austrian locale. make sure to change that once you feel like home! (see README at the bottom)
# dpkg-reconfigure locales
# dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration

after booting the vm, xfce will autologin you into a desktop starting iceweasel with tabs open: README | Icinga Classic UI | Icinga Web

the package was a bunch of work, so if anyone got feedback, much appreciated!

Credit: Michael Friedrich - Vienna University Computer Center


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