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Overview of the main portal

  • Overview : Dashboard and Reports 
    The main overview coincides with the Dashboard where you will see the status of certificates requested by your institution. 

    In the Reports page you will find a link to the Orders Report. This page shows the overview of all certificates ordered. An NREN account will see the numbers for all subscriber (sub)divisions followed by a grand total. Subscriber accounts will only see the counts for their own division. At the top of the page there are two drop-down lists, one for months and one for years. These enable filtering of the results of your orders report, i.e. you can see how many certificates were ordered in a specific month of a specific year.

  • Account : My Division and Users (and Guest URLs and API keys) 
    Your Divisions and users can be managed here, including Guest URLs, API keys and Two-Factor authentication

  • Orders : Orders, Requests, and Request a Certificate 
    Here is where you request and approve certificates. You also see previous orders.

  • Validation : Organisations and Domains 
    Here you can create new Organisations and divisions, but you also find all the ones already created together with their status. 

  • Tools
    A number of tools that can help you in common tasks. Note that the CSR Generators tool brings you to a page that contains a long list of products for which support data is available. You don't know how to handle certificates for an F5 or a Barracuda? It's all near 'We also provide detailed instructions for other server types.'

  • Setting
    View 'Audit Logs', detailing important events like division creations and modifications and (failed) logins. From here you can also create Notifications in order to email some events.


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