• Orders: Here you will find all the certificates that you have ever ordered. You can sort the list by order number, date, certificate name, status, type of certificate and end date. You can also search for a certificate using the search field at the top of the page.

    In the list of certificates you can view the properties of each single certificate by clicking on View or on the order number. After you click, the page that will follow will show you all the info related to that certificate. On the Manage Order # screen, you will find a Revoke Certificate button, to revoke the certificate and a Download Certificate button. The latter has two useful features:
    1. in case someone didn't received the delivery email you can download.
    2. an existing certificate can be downloaded in a format that is not the same as the one originally asked. For example you asked Apache and after all you want MS IIS 7 format.

  • Requests: The list of all requests (e.g. ertificate, revocation) needing the attention of an administrator. An administrator can select a waiting request from the list and choose to approve or reject it. Administrators receive a warning email when a request is entered.

  • Request a Certificate: Here you request certificates. There are five types, each with their own variations: SSL/TLS, Client, eScience Grid, Code Signing and Document Signing. Not all 18 subtypes are equally suitable for the TCS community. Refer to the page Request a Certificate in the wiki to review the different types and subtypes.
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