In 2020 the Trusted Certificate Service (TCS) will officially move to the new supplier Sectigo.

This space is the home for TCS May 2020 onwards. The main part of it is dedicated to the wiki where customers can find the description of the service and the relative documents. 

The Trusted Certificate Service offers a central platform to NRENs where the following certificates can be issued:

  • SSL certificates – for authenticating servers and establishing secure sessions with end clients (DV, OV and EV).
  • Grid certificates – for authenticating Grid hosts and services (IGTF compliant).
  • Client certificates – for identifying individual users and securing email communications.
  • Code signing certificates – for authenticating software distributed over the internet.
  • Document signing certificates – for authenticating d​ocuments from Adobe PDF etc.

NREN's perform the role of "MRAO" and manage their customer organisations via a dedicated platform per NREN.  The following features are also available:

  • SAML SSO for the NREN administrators.
  • A dedicated link to allow organisation members to order SSL certificates via SAML SSO.
  • A dedicated link to allow organisation members to order client certicates via SAML SSO.

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