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This is the template for documentation that must exist for each service operated in SA2. This structure can be used by the development teams to populate the information from the early stages of service design and development. At latest, when service reaches production, all information must be provided.

How to work with this template

  • copy this page structure
  • replace "Service Template" in this page title and "InAcademia" in other page titles with the name of the service
  • fill in the necessary information, replacing text written in italic font
  • in places where relevant documentation is already available in another persistent location, rather then copying the content, enter appropriate pointers/URL to avoid discrepancies
  • branch pages in hierarchy will be later automatically populated by pulling out the key excerpts of the leaf pages (which therefore needs to be well structured)
  • when populating the content with, for example, lists of diverse items (such as supporting tools or resources), please try to group them according to their purpose or user groups, so that they could be later presented on brach pages (focused on interests such us operations, development, or support).
  • this initial structure will be further refined and finalised based on actual available information and its significance for the services
  • delete this note (smile)


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