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This page and its child pages hold information about Operational Level Agreements (OLA), that are expressing commitment by SA2 service_name devops team and other parties that delivers particular function or resource required for operations. This page should contain:

  • details on how eduroam Managed IdP operational requirements are fulfilled and implemented in the operations
  • info on SA2 devops team and external partners such as technology providers or external partner projects
  • definition of operational KPIs

RESPONSIBLE: Information provided here is initially made as an agreement of SA2 devops team, development team and if applicable external partners (during the transition phase), and revised based on the need or in a yearly service check by eduroam Managed IdP Service Manager.

For needed server infrastructure, eduroam Managed IdP is using VM infrastructure provided by GÉANT IT.

GÉANT IT has provided team the required VMs based on following offering description: 

The OLA for the eduroam-OT:

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