Video conference meeting RAW and SRA WG

Date and time

13:30 UTC (15:30 CEST, 8:30 CDT)




  • Minutes of 12 May 2016
    Distribution? On this wiki. Using groups?

  • WG rules. At least we must agree about how to share information and membership. Update of the WGs abstracts needed?
    Use the TLP for sharing information?

  • White paper publication on RA. The SIG-ISM document "Whitepaper Information Security Risk management" also addresses this, so we should see if a separate document is needed or that we just contribute to that document (if possible).

  • XSEDE workshop. Presentation of the WGs. Who can do this?

  • Chair of the RAW-WG

  • SRA activities


Discussion items


Action items

12 May 2016


    • Linda will sent draft document about RA (done)
    • Jules to set up draft white paper
    • How to share information must be clarified. Update of the WG abstract is needed.
    • Also membership must be clear, status of information, etc. (agenda item next meeting)
    • Jules will organise video facilities for the WG meetings
    • Jules to set up a doodle for the next meeting