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If you still have any questions related to the signing process in please contact


What is this page?

This page explains how you should sign in to GÉANT's federated services.

Upon clicking a sign-in link, you end up at the discovery page, which looks like this:


(Note that this wiki page itself is an example of such a federated service)


How do I sign in?

You can sign in by clicking on any of the ~1,000 links.

If you don't know what to pick, follow this list:

1. Use an account you already have at your educational/research institution.

Use this if your institution is part of these identity federations:

  • Kalmar (Nordic countries)
  • SIR (Spain)
  • UKfederation (UK)
  • InCommon (US)
  • Tuakiri (NZ)
  • AAF (AU)
  • SURFconext (NL)
  • eduGAIN.

There are a number of institutions that were manually added upon their request, you can find these at the Miscellaneous tab.

2. Use a Google/LinkedIn/Twitter other social networks account

The Social networks tab lists a number of 'social' sign in options.

3. Use a guest account

As a last resort, there are several options for using a guest account to sign in.

Note that all of them require you to first sign up and create an ID. After that you can use that to access our services:

NameRun bySign up URLRequired informationAuthentication
  • username
  • first name
  • last name
  • e-mail address
UnitedID.orgUnited ID Services,
  • username
  • e-mail address


ProtectNetworkProtectNetwork, USA
  • username
  • first name
  • last name
  • e-mail address





Whatever you choose, be sure to choose the same option on any subsequent sign ins.

The login page will help you remember what you picked by setting a cookie.



When I try to log in with my institutional account, I get "Message did not meet security requirements".

If you get this error, it might be that the administrators of your institution need to perform some administrative tasks (i.e. configuring metadata).

Please inform them about this and point them to this page:


I have logged in fine, but I'm called "First_name last_name", and/or my e-mail is set to "invalid_email_needs_updating".

This is usually caused by your institution not releasing enough attributes.

Please contact your administrators and point them to this page:

Most of our applications allow you to edit your details in the application though.


I have logged in fine in the past, but now I cannot access my data any more.

This might happen if you picked a different login option from what you previously did.

For example, if you signed in with your university account first, and then later sign in with a GMail account, then two separate identities will exist at GÉANT.

There is no way for our systems to distinguish between them.

If you think you are affected by this, please e-mail us at, stating which account you (think you) used, what application you were trying to access, and at what time.

We can then link the accounts together, after which you can use both accounts to log in to our systems.

Why do I have to go through all of this complicated stuff?

We believe this set-up is the best solution that allows you to control your data, while increasing safety by preventing the creation of yet another username/password.


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