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Who are current developers (and NREN/Organisation)?Marco Malavolti (GARR)
Can the previous developers be contacted?No other developer befor
Where is the code repository?
Where is documentation?eduGAIN Connectivity Check 2
Which language/libraries/database are used?Python, JS, HTML, CSS
What code maintenance is needed?/
Which new features are needed?
  1. Check the status of the IdPs in the past
  2. RegistrationAuthority linked to
  3. entityID linked to eduGAIN Database entity
Was the IPR check for the tool done?
Where is the development roadmap?Any development roadmap planned
Which project management tool is used?
What is the response of the code security audit?
What are the biggest gaps in terms of development?Missing knowledge of JS
Who is operating tool?Marco Malavolti + eduGAIN Operators (Tomasz & Maja)
What is the operational contact?Marco Malavolti (GARR)
Where is the service hosted?
What is the deployment model (manual, ansible, docker, etc)?Manual
Where is the deployment and operations documentation?
How is tool usage monitored. Are the statistics publicly available?
How is tool monitored, who is alerted?
How is service backup (if needed)?The service automatically generates a new result every day
Is tool processing personal data, is GDPR resolved (ok if you don’t know the answer)Technical and Support contacts provided by the IDP metadata
What are the biggest gaps in terms of operations?To be alone
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