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eduGAIN Steering Group Meeting

15th December 12:00 UTC / 13:00 Amsterdam: https://timeanddate.com/s/419g

11:45 UTC

Arrival & "Can you hear me now?" (see  Connection Details)

12:00 UTC

Welcome, Introductions & Agenda Agreement

Terry Smith, AAF, Chair
12:05 UTC

Membership Updates and Joining

  • Notice from BIF / BREN.
  • Potential suspension notifications.
Casper Dreef, Secretariat
12:15 UTC

Team Updates

  • Operations Team
  • Support Team
  • F-Ticks
Davide Vaghetti, IDEM, Service owner
12:30 UTC

Team updates: Security team

  • Presentation
  • Discussion and Feedback
Security Team
13:00 UTC

Best practices WG

Davide Vaghetti / Niels van Dijk / Mihály Héder
13:15 UTCMyAcademicID

Licia Florio, GÉANT

13:25 UTC

Future SG meetings, Any other business, Summary and Actions

13:30 UTC

Meeting Close

Connection Details


Federations in Attendance (25)

  1. TAAT (Estonia)
  2. eduID.hu (Hungary)
  3. AAF (Australia)
  4. UK federation (UK)
  5. SAFIRE (South Africa)
  6. IDEM (Italy)
  7. SWAMID (Sweden)
  8. COFre (Chile)
  9. RiċerkaNET Identity Federation (Malta)
  10. InCommon (USA)
  11. AAI@EduHr (Croatia)
  12. CAFe (Brasil)
  13. HAKA (Finland)
  14. RoEduNetID (Romania)
  15. eduID.cz (Czech Republic)
  16. eduID.hu (Hungary)
  17. FEIDE (Norway)
  18. SIFULAN Malaysian Access Federation (Malaysia)
  19. GakuNin (Japan)
  20. safeID (Slovakia)
  21. GRNET (Greece)
  22. CAF (Canada)
  23. Fédération Éducation-Recherche (France)
  24. ARNaai (Algeria)
  25. LEAF (Moldova)

Attendees (36)

  1. Sten Aus (TAAT)
  2. Mihály Héder (eduID.hu)
  3. Terry Smith (AAF)
  4. Alex Stuart (UK federation)
  5. Donald Coetzee (SAFIRE)
  6. Davide Vaghetti (IDEM)
  7. Pål Axelsson (SWAMID)
  8. Alejandro Lara (COFre)
  9. Daniel Muscat (RiċerkaNET Identity Federation)
  10. Nic Roy (InCommon)
  11. Miroslav Milinovic (AAI@EduHr)
  12. Jean Carlo Faustino (CAFe)
  13. Rui Ribeiro (CAFe)
  14. Jari Toropainen (HAKA)
  15. Valeriu Vraciu (RoEduNetID)
  16. Jiri Borik (eduID.cz)
  17. Attila Laszlo (eduID.hu)
  18. Rhys Smith (UK federation)
  19. Hildegunn Vada (FEIDE)
  20. Janos Mohacsi (eduID.hu)
  21. Muhammad Farhan Sjaugi (SIFULAN Malaysian Access Federation)
  22. Irfan Hakim Abu Samah (SIFULAN Malaysian Access Federation)
  23. Eisaku Sakane (GakuNin)
  24. Nicole Harris (GÉANT)
  25. Casper Dreef (GÉANT)
  26. Marina Adomeit (SUNET)
  27. Romain Wartel (CERN)
  28. Jule Ziegler (LRZ)
  29. Martin Stanislav (safeID)
  30. Halil Adem (GRNET)
  31. Chris Phillips (CAF)
  32. Anass Chabli (FER)
  33. Daniel Kouril (EGI)
  34. Licia Florio (GÉANT)
  35. Aouaouche El-Maouhab (ARNaai)
  36. Valentin Pocotilenco (LEAF)

Apologies (xx)

Wolfgang Pempe (DFN)


Welcome, Introductions & Agenda Agreement

Terry Smith (Chair, AAF) opened the meeting and welcomed the Steering Group members for the last meeting of the year.
The minutes of the previous meeting were approved and all open actions remain open.
No topics for the AOB were suggested.

Membership Updates and Joining

Since FENIX (Mexico) has joined eduGAIN no new candidates have been assessed. The use of the new voting tool Zeus has lead to a significant increase of casted votes. The Secretariat is possitive about the tool and will use it for future votes.

Early December the Chair, Secretariat and Service Owner were approached by BIF (Bulgaria) with the request to be moved from voting-only to participating member. BREN has updated its policy page and the OT is collaborating with BIF to get their MDS working.

Team Updates

Team updates: Security team

Best practices WG


Future SG Meetings, Any other business, Summary and Actions

Any Other Business:

Future SG meetings 2021:

23 March 12:00 UTC
15 June 07:00 UTC
14 September 16:30 UTC
14 December 12:00 UTC

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