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Setting up A Virtual Organization

After successful login to HEXAA the user arrives to the landing page.

On the landing page the user either subscribes to a VO (if there are any VOs at the moment offering open application - there is none at the screenshot above), or initiates a new VO.

The initiation of the VO is done by clicking on "Add Virtual Organization" which initiates a Wizard.

The first step is to provide a name and description for the VO.

Next, the name of the first role can be provided. The default is "default".

On this screen we can decide if we allow self-applications to the VO. This means that a subscription url will be created for this VO. If people visit the subscription url, they will be added to the VO in a special role called "Subscription requests". This role does not provide any entitlements or VO affiliation. The VO manager can later move the user to effective roles or remove them.

If there are no self-applications then the VO will be invitation-based. If a VO is started as invitation-based, there is a possibility later to create the possibility of open applications.

Finally, we can invite by email our first set of users right away by providing a set of email addresses here.

Managing Membership

Membership can be managed at the VOs and Roles section of the VO menü

Delete a Virtual Organization

In order to delete a virtual organization you just need to press delete on the main screen of the VO:

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