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Digital Video Transport System

DVTS uses RTP over UDP to send high quality video and sound over an IP network. It has a quality similar to MPEG-2 but is cheaper and simpler to use. This is achieved at the at the expense of bandwidth - DVTS typically uses 30Mbps compared to 5-15Mbps for MPEG-2.

To make use of DVTS you need the following:

  • a digital video camera with Firewire (IEEE1394) capability (e.g., HandiCam, DVCAM, DVCPro)
  • audio gear: microphones, speakers, headsets, an echo cancellation device
  • a Firewire-capable computer with the DVTS software. Options include Windows XP, Linux, BSD, and Mac OS X computers, the Mac mini, and the Comet appliance; downloads are available here
  • a DV receiver (DV Player, TV) that is Firewire capable, or an analog/digital converter(s) if using a non-Firewire-capable camera/receiver

References Internet2's web page on DVTS

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