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Integrated Services (IntServ)

IntServ was an attempt by the IETF to add Quality of Service differentiation to the Internet architecture. Components of the Integrated Services architecture include

  • A set of predefined service classes with different parameters, in particular Controlled Load and Guaranteed Service
  • A ReSerVation Protocol (RSVP) for setting up specific service parameters for a flow
  • Mappings to different lower layers such as ATM, Ethernet, or low-speed links.

Concerns with IntServ include its scaling properties when many flow reservations are active in the "core" parts of the network, the difficulties of implementing the necessary signaling and packet treatment functions in high-speed routers, and the lack of policy control and accounting/billing infrastructure to make this worthwhile for operators. While IntServ never became widely implemented beyond intra-enterprise environments, RSVP has found new uses as a signaling protocol for Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS).

As an alternative to IntServ, the IETF later developed the Differentiated Services architecture, which provides simple building blocks that can be composed to similarly granular services.


Integrated Services Architecture

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Lower-Layer Mappings

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