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Management Information Base (MIB)

This term describes the set of management information accessible through a network management protocol such as SNMP. SNMP uses a formal language to describe the MIB, called the Structure of Management Information (SMI). The current version of this language is SMIv2, described in IETF RFC 2578/STD 0047.

The elements of the MIB are named by Object Identifiers (OIDs). OIDs are vectors of non-negative integers structured hierarchically for uniqueness. They can be written numerically or symbolically. For example, the base OID of the 64-bit counter of octets received on an interface can be written as (sometimes written with an additional leading dot), ifHCInOctets , IF-MIB::ifHCInOctets (showing the MIB module it was defined in), or (sometimes with an additional leading dot). The OID hierarchy includes branches maintained by standards organizations such as the IETF, as well as many enterprise-specific branches used by specific vendors.

MIB definitions are structured as MIB modules. Usually, an individual "MIB file" includes the definition of a single MIB module. The term "MIB" is frequently used synonymously for "MIB module", although some hardcore SNMP veterans frown upon that usage.

– Main.SimonLeinen - 09 Aug 2009

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