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Measurement Tools

Traceroute-like Tools:traceroute,MTR,PingPlotter,lft,tracepath,traceproto

There is a large and growing number of path-measurement tools derived from the well-known traceroute tool. Those tools all attempt to find the route a packet will take from the source (typically where the tool is running) to a given destination, and to find out some hop-wise performance parameters along the way.

Bandwidth Measurement Tools:pchar,Iperf,bwctl,nuttcp,Netperf,RUDE/CRUDE,ttcp,NDT, DSL Reports

Use: Evaluate the Bandwidth between two points in the network.

Active Measurement Boxes

Use: information about Delay, Jitter and packets loss between two probes.

Passive Measurement Tools

These tools perform their measurement by looking at existing traffic. They can be further classified into


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