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Linux netem (introduced in recent 2.6 kernels)

NISTnet works only on 2.4.x Linux kernels, so for having the best support for recent GE cards, I would recommend kernel 2.6.10 or .11 and the new netem (Network emulator). A lot of similar functionality is built on this special QoS queue. It is buried into menuconfig:

 Networking -->
   Networking Options -->
     QoS and/or fair queuing -->
        Network emulator

You will need a recent iproute2 package that supports netem. The tc command is used to configure netem characteristics such as loss rates and distribution, delay and delay variation, and packet corruption rate (packet corruption was added in Linux version 2.6.16).


-- Main.TobyRodwell - 14 Apr 2005

-- Main.SimonLeinen - 21 Mar 2006 - 07 Jan 2007
– based on information from David Martinez Moreno (RedIRIS).

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