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Windows Network Monitor

Microsoft Research has developed its own Wireshark variant called the Network Monitor. It's current version at time of writing is V3.3 which also supports so called Experts plugins. You can use Network monitor to capture network traffic on any local network interfaces and save or load these captures to a file. What I like about the Network Monitor is the automatic listing of all conversations on the left panel. You can then easily select one and see all packets associated with it.
One of the expert plugins is called TCP Analyzer and gives you some details on the connections like average data rate, time elapsed, retransmitted data, RTT, advertised window range.
It also features a time-sequence graph for all the data packets.
You can download the Windows network monitor here.


  • Microsoft Network Monitor V3.3 Overview:


  • Network Monitor TCP Analyzer Expert GUI:


  • Network Monitor TCP Analyzer Command Line:


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