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This is an archive, for current news, check out the Latest News section

Windows 7 / Vista / 2008 TCP/IP tweaks

On there is a great article about the TCP/IP Stack tuning possibilities in Windows 7/Vista/2008.

NDT Protocol Documented

A description of the protocol used by the NDT tool has recently been written up. Check this out if you want to implement a new client (or server), or if you simply want to understand the mechanisms.

– Main.SimonLeinen - 02 Aug 2011

What does the "+1" mean?

I would like to experiment with social web techniques, so I have added a (Google) "+1" button to the template for viewing PERT KB topics. It allows people to publicly share interesting Web pages. Please share what you think about this via the SocialWebExperiment topic!

-- Main.SimonLeinen - 02 Jul 2011

News from Web10G

The Web10G project has released its first code in May 2011. If you are interested in this followup project of the incredibly useful web100, check out their site. I have added a short summary on the project to the WebTenG topic here.

-- Main.SimonLeinen - 30 Jun 2011

FCC Open Internet Apps Challenge - Vote for Measurement Tools by 15 July

The U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is currently holding a challenge for applications that can help assess the "openness" of Internet access offerings. There's a page on where people can vote for their favorite tool. A couple of candidate applications are familiar to our community, for example NDT and NPAD. But there are some new ones that look interesting. Some applications are specific for mobile data networks ("3G" etc.). There are eight submissions - be sure to check them out. Voting is possible until 15 July 2011.

-- Main.SimonLeinen - 29 Jun 2011


Catching up with the mailing list, I noticed an announcement by Matt Mathis (formerly PSC, now at Google) from last September (yes, I'm a bit behind with my mail reading :-): A follow-on project called Web10G has received funding from the NSF. I'm all excited about this because Web100 produced so many influential results. So congratulations to the proposers, good luck for the new project, and let's see what Web10G will bring!

– Main.SimonLeinen - 25 Mar 2011

eduPERT Training Workshop in Zurich, 18/19 November 2010

We held another successful training event in November, with 17 attendees from various NRENs including some countries that have joined G�ANT recently, or are in the process of doing so. The program was based on the one used for the workshops held in 2008and2007. But this time we added some case studies, where the instructors walked through some actual cases they had encountered in their PERT work, and at many points asked the audience for their interpretation of the symptoms seen so far, and for suggestions on what to do next. Thanks to the active participation of several attendees, this interactive part turned out to be both enjoyable and instructive, and was well received by the audience. Program and slides are available on the PERT Training Workshop page at TERENA.

-- Main.SimonLeinen - 18 Dec 2010

Efforts to increase TCP's initial congestion window (updated)

At the 78th IETF meeting in Maastricht this July, one of the many topics discussed there was a proposal to further increase TCP's initial congestion window, possibly to something as big as ten maximum-size segments (10 MSS). This caused me to notice that the PERT KB was missing a topic on TCP's initial congestion window, so I created one. A presentation by Matt Mathis on the topic is scheduled for Friday's ICCRG meeting. The slides, as well as some other materials and minutes, can be found on the IETF Proceedings page. Edited to add: Around IETF 79 in November 2010, the discussion on the initial window picked up steam, and there are now three different proposals in the form of Internet-Drafts. I have updated the TcpInitialWindow topic to briefly describe these.

– Main.SimonLeinen - 28 Jul 2010 - 09 Dec 2010

PERT meeting at TNC 2010

We held a PERT meeting on Sunday 30 May (1400-1730), just before the official start of the TNC 2010 conference in Vilnius. The attendees discussed technical and organizational issues facing PERTs in National Research and Education Networks (NRENs), large campus networks, and supporting network-intensive projects such as the multi-national research efforts in (Radio-) Astronomy, Particle Physics, or Grid/Cloud research. Slides are available on TNC2010 website here.

– Main.SimonLeinen - 15 Jun 2010

Web100 Project Re-Opening Soon?

In a mail to the <tt>ndt-users</tt> list, Matt Mathis has issued a call for input from people who use Web100, as part of NDT or otherwise. If you use this, please send Matt an e-mail. There's a possibility that the project will be re-opened "for additional development and some bug fixes".

– Main.SimonLeinen - 20 Feb 2010

ICSI releases Netalyzr Internet connectivity tester

The International Computer Science Institute (ICSI) at Berkeley has released an awesome new java applet called Netalyzr which will let you do a whole bunch of connectivity tests. A very nice tool to get information about your Internet connectivity, to see if your provider blocks ports, your DNS works properly, and much more. Read about it on our page here or go directly to their homepage.

-- Main.ChrisWelti - 18 Jan 2010

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