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ITER VPN Connection

PTS Case 15


The ITER project reported performance problems between their sites in Garching and Cadarache. Their connection ran over a 100Mbps Internet VPN tunnel Checkpoint Firewall1 firewalls at each site and was enhanced with Packeteers SkyX system. However, they reported they could only achieve 10-20Mbps throughput (peaking at approximately 35Mbps).
The PERT discovered that contrary to ITER’s understanding of the path between the two sites, there was actually an E3 (34Mbps) bottleneck between Grenoble and Cadarache. This link was often congested, which explained why ITER often only achieved 10Mbps throughput.
The case was then closed, as the only feasible solution was to increase the capacity of the Grenoble-Cadarache circuit.

– Main.TobyRodwell - 31 Jan 2007

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