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TIGO-Europe throughput check post REUNA upgrade

PTS Case 22


Once the capacity of the link between University de Concepcion and REUNA was upgraded from 155Mbps to 310Mbps, the PERT was requested to run additional tests. These tests showed good UDP performance (0,1 or 2 packets lost over 2 minutes at 50Mbps), but TCP was not so good, achieving 20-40 Mbps. 3 weeks later the TCP performance improved dramatically. It seems this improvement was related to the upgrade of the TIGO-UdeC fibre. That link now runs at 1Gbps (not 100Mbps), and whilst 100Mbps was clearly never a bottleneck it can only be assumed that there has been a commensurate reduction in packet loss.

– Main.TobyRodwell - 05 Feb 2007

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