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Thruput: GSFC to TAU

PTS Case 24


GSFC is NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center, in Maryland, near Washington DC. ENPL is the EOS (Earth Observation System) Network Prototyping Lab, at GSFC. The source node at ENPL has the Fast-E and Gig-E interfaces, to a router with a direct Gig-E connection to "MAX" (Mid -Atlantic Crossroads) gigapop, which is 10 Gig connected to Abilene -
- then to G�ANT2. When sending (iperf) from a Fast-E source to TAU, thruput via G�ANT2 is 20-75 Mbps. But between the same two nodes, using a Gig-E interface on the source, via the same route, thruput is only 7-22 Mbps.

Investigations confirmed the problem was with the Gigabit interface on the (TAU) server in Israel.

– Main.TobyRodwell - 14 Aug 2007

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