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ESA Performance problem

PTS Case 30


European Space Agency started to have performance problems doing transfers between Spain (Maspalomas Satellite Gorund Station) and ESRIN.
The first iperf tests were disappointing (around 15 Mbps). Different paths (to different hosts) were checked: there with no initial problems, no asymmetric traffic and the TCP/IP parameters on each of the hosts seemed to be ok (different window sizes were tested).
The iperf tests were always around 15-20 Mbps. We focused on the characteristics of the FastEthernet link from ESA to RedIRIS, provided by Telefonica. After some investigation, it became apparent that there was a 20 Mbps limit, which was the capacity that ESA had requested of Telefonica, so the iperf results are in line with the limit imposed by Telefonica.

ESA have requested to Telefonica to remove the limit, and if they new preformance problems, then they will open a new case.

– Main.MiguelSotos - 30 Aug 2007

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