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Throughput tests (IT-IN) for APAN Medical Working Group

PTS Case 33


The APAN Medical Working Group use DVTS for remote medical activities. Their experience in running DVTS sessions between Japan and India, via Milan (using TEIN2 and GEANT) had had mixed results, and it was believed there was an issue between Milan and Mumbai, or somewhere else in India (because there is confidence in the Japan-Europe part of the path). They contact the PERT (via DANTE) for advice and help troubleshootig the problem, as they had an important tele-surgery event planned for the end of April. The initial investigation showed that much of the 45Mbps capacity between Milan and Mumbai was regularly taken up by grid traffic (flowing from ASGC in Taipei, to TIFR in Mumbai), and as a result ASGC kindly agreed to re-route their traffic so as to avoid that circuit. It was then determined that the reverse path from Mumbai back to Kyushu University was using a sub-optimal commercial route - so routing policies were temporarily changed to allow this traffic to use G�ANT2 as well. On 28 Apr the tele-surgery took place as planned, and was a large success.

– Main.TobyRodwell - 02 May 2008

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