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The Scamper tool was developed by Matthew Luckie of the WAND group at the University of Waikato (New Zealand) to facilitate large-scale measurements over the Internet. It performs various types of measurement, including traceroutes with UDP, ICMP, or TCP probes, to large numbers of destination addresses. The load generated by Scamper can be limited to a given number of packets. Recent versions also include code to perform "ping" measurements, Path MTU discovery, as well as the Paris Traceroute mechanism.

Scamper's source code is distributed as Free Software, under the GNU General Public License. It has been reported to work on Linux, various *BSD variants including MacOS X, and Solaris.

Example Output

: root@mamp1[scamper-cvs-20070201]; ./scamper -c trace -p 20 target-list.txt 
traceroute from 2001:620:0:11a:213:21ff:feae:19db to 2001:620:0:114:20b:cdff:fe1b:3d1a
 1  2001:620:0:11a::1  0.340 ms
 2  2001:620:0:c02d::2  0.325 ms
 3  2001:620:0:c06d::1  3.181 ms
 4  2001:620:0:c06a::1  3.922 ms
 5  2001:620:0:c03d::1  3.951 ms
 6  2001:620:0:114:20b:cdff:fe1b:3d1a  3.797 ms
traceroute from to
 1  0.265 ms
 2  0.220 ms
 3  3.095 ms
 4  3.773 ms
 5  3.883 ms
 6  3.718 ms
traceroute from to
 1  0.267 ms
 2  0.227 ms
 3  3.174 ms
 4  3.781 ms
 5  4.222 ms
traceroute from 2001:620:0:11a:213:21ff:feae:19db to 2001:620:0:113:20b:cdff:fe1b:45ec
 1  2001:620:0:11a::1  0.296 ms
 2  2001:620:0:c02d::2  0.345 ms
 3  2001:620:0:c06d::1  3.156 ms
 4  2001:620:0:c06a::1  3.933 ms
 5  2001:620:0:113:20b:cdff:fe1b:45ec  3.798 ms
traceroute from to
 1  0.278 ms
 2  0.218 ms
 3  3.051 ms
 4  3.783 ms
 5  3.709 ms


Publications of research using Scamper

  • Luckie, M., Cho, K., and Owens, B., Inferring and Debugging Path MTU Discovery Failures, Proceedings of Internet Measurement Conference 2005 (PDF)
  • Cho, K., Luckie, M., and Huffaker, B., Identifying IPv6 Network Problems in the Dual-Stack World, Proc. SIGCOMM Network Troubleshooting Workshop, 2004 (PDF)

– Main.SimonLeinen - 03 May 2007

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