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Performance-Related Tools at SWITCH

  • IPv4 Looking Glass -- allows running IPv4 ping, traceroute, and several BGP monitoring commands on external border routers
  • IPv6 Looking Glass -- like the above, but for IPv6
  • Network Diagnostic Tester (NDT) -- run TCP throughput tests to a Web100-instrumented server, and detect configuration and cabling issues on your client. Java 1.4 or newer required
  • BWCTL & OWAMP testboxes -- run bwctl (iperf) and one-way delay tests (owamp) to our PMPs
  • <nop>SmokePing -- permanent RTT ("ping") measurements to select places on the Internet, with good visualization
  • RIPE TTM -- tt85 (at SWITCH's PoP at ETH Zurich) and tt86 (at the University of Geneva) show one-way delays, delay variations and loss from/to SWITCH from many other networks.
  • IEPM-BW -- regular throughput measurements from SLAC to many hosts, including one at SWITCH
  • Multicast beacons -- IPv4/IPv6 multicast reachability matrices
  • Public Weathermap -- shows link loads on our SWITCHlambda backbone
  • Traffic Statistics -- graphs and tables about traffic on some important links over time

– Main.AlexGall - 15 Apr 2005

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