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Workshop Agenda

09:0009:30WelcomeSlidesHands-On CommandsHandouts (print) 
09:3009:50perfSONAR Architecture, workshop objectives, lab setuppS - ArchitecturepS - ArchitectureAD
09:5010:10Central Measurement ArchiveSee pS - Architecture install + confSee pS - Architecture AD
10:1011:00Measurement MeshMesh ConfigconfigurationMesh ConfigIG
11:2011:50Measurement Point configurationMP ConfigconfigurationMP ConfigIG
11:5012:30Dashboard setupsee pS - Architecture configurationSee pS - Architecture AD
13:3013:50Measurements Analysis   IG
13:5015:00Tuning and AutomationPuppet Config Puppet ConfigIG - AD

perfSONAR Roadmap Update

pS RoadmapAD
15:4016:30perfSONAR Advanced FeaturesMaDDash, pSchedulerAD - IG

Hands-On Commands

Central Measurement Archive


With these commands, you'll install all you need to run a central server (measurement archive software: esmond and dashboard software: maddash) on your central server.

Run as root
rpm -hUv
yum install Internet2-repo-staging
rpm -hUv
yum install perfsonar-centralmanagement


Configuration files

Configuration files involved (but no change should be required):

  • /etc/cassandra/
  • /etc/esmond/
  • /etc/httpd/conf.d/apache-esmond-proxy.conf
  • /opt/rh/httpd24/root/etc/httpd/conf.d/apache-esmond.conf

Log files

Log files to check:

  • /var/log/esmond/

  • /var/log/cassandra/
  • /var/log/httpd/
  • /var/log/httpd24/
Run as root
# Examples:
tail /var/log/httpd/error_log
less /var/log/esmond/esmond.log

IP Authentication

With these commands, you'll configure esmond to accept data coming from a set of IP.

Run as root
# if esmond API key not set by the install process
# IP based authorization
cd /usr/lib/esmond
source /opt/rh/python27/enable
/opt/rh/python27/root/usr/bin/virtualenv --prompt="(esmond)" .
. bin/activate
python esmond/ add_user_ip_address edupert_users


Then check the cassandra, httpd, httpd24 and postgres processes are running. esmond, through httpd and httpd24, is listening on port 80 and 11413.  cassandra is listening on port 9160, postgres on port 5432  You should also be able to visit the esmond webinterface at an URL like

Run as root
ps aux | grep httpd
ps aux | grep cassandra
ps aux | grep postgresql
netstat -tunlep
# If needed (but shouldn't be)
chkconfig cassandra on
chkconfig https on

Measurement Mesh

Run as root
## Get an example of meshconfig template file (XML)
curl > mesh-config.xml

## Convert meshconfig in JSON
/usr/lib/perfsonar/bin/build_json -o mesh-config.json mesh-config.xml

## simply publish in /var/www/html


Measurement Point configuration

Run as root
## General mesh configuration + admin + reloads + pscheduler + tasks

## Specific tests from mesh and Esmond archives

## services:
service perfsonar-meshconfig-agent restart
service pscheduler-scheduler restart

## logs:

## pScheduler commands:
psc debug off
psc task simplestream --timeout PT5S --source pertmp01 --dest pertmp02
psc task rtt --debug --count 100 --source pertmp01 --ip-version 4 --dest pertmp02
psc task latency --count 100 --source pertmp01 --ip-version 4 --dest pertmp02

Dashboard setup


Installation of MaDDash has already been done when installing the perfsonar-centralmanagement bundle package.


Configuration files

Configuration files involved:

  • /etc/maddash/maddash-server/maddash.yaml
  • /etc/maddash/maddash-webui/config.json
  • /etc/perfsonar/meshconfig-guiagent.conf

Log files

Log files to check:

  • /var/log/maddash/
  • /var/log/httpd/


Checking the public dashboard at  If a change is done to the maddash-webui/config.json file, reload it from

Run as root
cd /etc/maddash/maddash-webui
# Compare config.json and config.example.json
vi config.json

# Reload in your browser after change!

# Add an HTML redirect in /var/www/html/index.html or in your apache config

# Check running processes
ps aux | grep maddash
ps aux | grep https
# Check log files
tail /var/log/httpd/access_log
# Start, stop or restart service
/etc/init.d/maddash-server start|stop|restart

Tuning and Automation


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