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In order to make use of this new feature, your FLR server must have acquired an eduroam server certificate. Depending on which federation or world region you are from, the procedures for getting a certificate will differ. The following two subsections are a globally valid description of the eduroam Trust Model; the last subsection defines rules per world region, as far as they are known at the time of writing. This trust model is currently only implemented by one CA, which operates in Europe. The last subsection provides details for European eduroam participants.

The eduroam server certificate trust model: eduPKI PMA and the eduroam Trust Profile


  • an oversight body, the "eduPKI Policy Management Authority" (eduPKI-PMA) was created and produced a document with defined Quality Assurance criteria for CAs which would like to become part of the eduroam trust model. It is open for applicant CAs world-wide. The rules for CA accreditation are set forth in section "CA Accrediation Process" at Note that eduPKI PMA is currently the only PMA, but this doesn't preclude other PMAs in other world regions from emerging.
  • a X.509 trust profile for the eduroam service was created, which designates two so-called "policy OID" fields to eduroam IdP and SP servers. The trust profile can be found on this page:
  • this trust profile requires that CAs which use this policy OID will check the authorisation of a certificate applicant whether or not he is actually an eduroam IdP and/or SP server operator.


Please refrain from manually downloading CAs as a one-time action. Otherwise, your CA list will eventually become outdated and this will create service disruption for some eduroam users!

eduroam Certificates in the world regions


There is currently one accredited Certification Authority: the eduPKI CA, located at . eduPKI CA acts as a catch-all for all areas within the GEANT service area which do not have their own CA for the eduroam service. Such further CAs are welcome to apply for eduPKI PMA accreditation.

eduroam operators should request their eduPKI CA eduroam certificate by following the instructions on the eduPKI CA eduroam RA pages at:


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