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EUDAT-EGI pilot for cross-infrastructure access to resources

The technical integration of the EGI and EUDAT AAIs has started but we recognize that additional effort is needed to harmonise attributes and Level of Assurance (LoA) definitions. The team therefore continues to work on an earlier started joint proposal by AARC, EGI and EUDAT to harmonise the LoA of their identities for consumption by their internal services.

This pilot has been absorbed by the LS AAI pilot

EUDAT-PRACE pilot for cross-infrastructure access to resources

The high-level goal of this pilot is to achieve AAI interoperability between EUDAT and PRACE and to examine how Unity technology may be used to accomplish this task. The solution consists of two components. The first one is the automatic provisioning of accounts for selected PRACE users who authenticate with x.509 certificates. EUDAT accepts these certificates and PRACE users become registered users in the EUDAT authentication and authorisation service. This gives PRACE users access to non-x.509-based EUDAT services. The second component needs to synchronise these accounts with EUDAT data services using certificate credentials.


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Implementing a Proxy-Element according to the AARC BPA in the DARIAH AAI and enabling integration with EGI

There are two consecutive and related pilots:

  1. The DARIAH AAI will be extended with a proxy according to the AARC BPA. This proxy will be based on Shibboleth and enable further interoperability endeavors.
  2. Based on the work from the first pilot, the goal of this pilot is to achieve interoperability between the DARIAH AAI and EGI. This will include harmonization of LoA and group membership expressions, according to the AARC recommendations.


Two pilots:

  2. eduTEAMS + EGI CheckIn service

This pilot has been absorbed by the LS AAI pilot