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  • Internet Of Things – Charting a path forward with eduroam
    • Exploration of practices in the field
    • Emerging recommendations from both the community and the GeGC on assessing IOT devices and eduroam access.
    •  Early IOT prototypes of connecting to eduroam      
  • HotSpot 2.0/Passpoint, where are we?  How does it help eduroam?
    • RADIUS side
    • Wi-FI side
    • Client side
    • (Hideaki Goto has already volunteered to present on eduroam/NGH and on  the City Wi-Fi Romaing)
  • What does Hotspot2.0 bring to eduroam?
    • Guest Access beyond eduroam
    • SSID overlap resolved
  • Moving National Roam Operators(NROs) server connectivity to RadSec
    • Security and TCP
    • How to deal with the PKI and some of the requirements
    • Plan of action
  • Security Improvements with WPA3-Enterprise (Stefan)
  • NRO management: how do you do it ? how many FTEs? how do you automate ?
  • 5G
  • Client on-boarding (Managed IDP and issues with K-12)
  • Community updates
    • govroam 
    • eduroam Visitor Access (eVA) deployment across NROs
    • eduroam database updates (miro?migration to ver 2.0 (Miro)
    • GEANT4-3 development roadmap (Miro)

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