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This is the home of the Special Interest Group on the Management of Service Portfolios, SIG-MSP, which used to be known as TF-MSP.

This space is publicly viewable, with only authorised groups able to edit the pages, and with some pages having access restricted to only SIG-MSP group members.

If you have any questions, please contact

Please feel free to click 'edit' and contribute your ideas and upload your materials and links.

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Steering committee | Charter | Hot topics

Next meeting is planned for 18-19 September 2019, in Montpellier, France, hosted by RENATER and include joint meeting with SIG-Marcomms.


If you have any agenda topic ideas for future SIG-MSP meetings, please contact or add them directly into the agenda suggestions page.


5th of March 2019, Nicosia, Cyprus

3-4 October 2018, Belgrade, Serbia

17 April 2018, Split, Croatia

17-18 January 2018 SIG-MSP meeting in London

20-21 September 2017 SIG-MSP meeting in Dublin

8-9 March 2017 SIG-MSP, including a joint meeting with SIG-Marcomms - agenda & slides, hosted by PSNC in Poznan.

12-13 October 2016 SIG-MSP meeting with a focus on sources of funding for innovation - agenda & slides, hosted by GARR in Rome.

7-8 April 2016 TF-MSP meeting with a focus on cost savings - agenda, notes and slides, hosted by ARNES in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

11-12 January 2016 TF-MSP meeting with a focus on AUPs and CPS - agenda, notes and slides, hosted by DFN in Berlin, Germany

Note: Past TF-MSP meeting notes, agendas and slides can currently still be found at