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There is also a lightweight download page for resource-contrained mobile devices. It also includes the operating system detection.

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Device Support

eduroam CAT supports a broad selection of common end-user client devices and many EAP types.To view the full compatibility matrix of supported EAP types and devices, please visit the frontpage of eduroam CAT and click on "About eduroam CAT" on the left-hand side. You will see that not all EAP types are supported on all platforms - we largely rely on the target Operating System's capabilities.


TTLS Support for Windows XP, Vista, and 7

GÉANT and SecureW2 are happy to announce that they have reached amicable settlement of their dispute relating to the distribution of EAP Suite 1.1.3 in the eduroam CAT platform.


eduroam CAT is not replacing your helpdesk! While we hope to do you a good service by taking the technical task of generating secure installers for many platforms into our hands, we can not take your users' phone calls or tell them how to fix problems on their computers. The CAT's installers work on the target platforms if these have not been modified beyond reason by the end-user, and we hope the installation process with them is intuitive enough; but we can not give you guarantees that you will not ever hear from failing users again.