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09:30 - 10:10 RIPE Atlas Probes, Status, Brook Schofield (GÉANT) (slides)

Abstract: While eduroam® is the service we all know and love, there is no love lost when it fails to work! Network monitoring, log analysis and manual testing is employed when the service is established at the campus or roaming operator level but the rate of periodic testing usually drops over time and gaps in testing will result in the failure of the service for someone — let the finger pointing begin. There is a need to simulate the end user experience and ensure the service is working to narrow down where the failure has occurred. With efforts from SURFnet, Srce and Jisc to develop a monitoring probe the issue of scale was never overcome - the largest probe network that our community has access to is RIPE Atlas. The downside, no wireless interface! RIPE Atlas has now enabled that option in limited release… and we now need to catch up.