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These instructions currently apply to the master branch only; this one will become CAT 1.2 at a later point in time.


A number of federations wanted to customise the eduroam CAT appearance so that it matches their local NRO look&feel. Typically, this was done by using the CAT APIs on a local webpage.


/basic.php - similar to index.php but for devices with small screens or other handicaps (dumb browser...)
/accountstatus/accountstatus.php - Status and Pick-Up page for eduroam-as-a-Service  Managed IdP user accounts

Coding your own


Take a look at web/skins/example/. And of course for full functionality take a look at web/skins/classicmodern/.

Activating the skin

The default skin is the "classic" skin. Add a new skin to the global config (CONFIG['APPEARANCE']['skins'] array). As soon as the skin is in the config, the usual way to change it is via fed admin UI; add the new option "Preferred Skin for User Area" and type the string that matches YOURSKIN.