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No issuesDZ, AU, AT, BY, BR, CA, HR,CZ, EC, EE, GE, DE, IN, HU, KR, LV, LT, LU, MD, NO, RU, PL, SG, ZA, ES, UA, CH, NL || UK, FR, SI, SE || OM || MY, RU, MA, MZ || HK IR IE3940

UK fixed errors in June |
FR,SI, SE fixed errors in July

OM checked and passed July

MY, RU, MA, MZ checked and passed in August

HK check , IE and IR checked and passed in September

EntitiesDescriptor does not contain PublicationInfoAR, FI, PT3IE resolved publication issue in July
Missing an "English" value in MetadataAM, JP 2FR resolved issues in July
mdui:Logo has wrong valueBE1
Signature using an Empty ReferenceUG1FR resolved issues in July
validaUntil is less than 5 or greater than 28 from creationInstantIT, CO2CO and IL resolved issues in July
creationInstant wrong / in the futureCL, MK2

FR resolved issues in July

SI resolved issues in July

IR resolved in September

HK resolved issues in September

Signature Method/Digest WeakCL1
Organization block / ContactPerson not found or missing tech/supportDK, GR, JP, IE, MK, US65SE resolved in July
Not checked  / new

MA + MZ added in August

No new federations in September