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1. In order to get started with eduTEAMS, every userall users, regardless of his their role needs to sign up to the platform: 

2. You need to register on the eduTEAMS Service

2. When you click the "JOIN" button, you will be presented with a screen on which you will have to select your organisation's Identity Provider where you will authenticate. If your organisation is not listed, you might want to search/choose "LinkedIn via eduTEAMS", "ORCID via eduTEAMS or "Github via eduTEAMS".


3. After successful login, the eduTEAMS profile page will present the details of your newly created eduTEAMS user profile:

4. Next, you can visit the CO creator page:

Click on "Create a new VO" below one of the three member management systems and then refern to the guidelines below for further information on how to use them:

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request the creation of a new Virtual Organization

If you are wondering which system to choose, there is a MMS Comparison page that might provide you some hint on which system is best suited for your specific purpose. If in doubt or if you need further information, please contact us on so we can have a look at your particular use-case together.