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Welcome to the Trust and Identity Work Package

GN4-3 Work Package 5 delivers the Trust and Identity services that are the flagship of the Research and Education community. In addition it expands the reach of federated access, enhances the existing services, explores new innovative and/or disruptive technologies and engages with relevant initiatives and stakeholders within the project and outside.

This work also provides the required support on federated access to enable other services and activities; it maintains AARC results and engages with EOSC activities that relate to authentication and authorisation, as well as government activities (such as eIDAS) in the same field. The structure of the Work Package 5 and it interacts with external activities is depicted in the image above.

The Services

  • eduroam - the infrastructure to enable federated access to network around the globe.
  • eduGAIN - the infrastructure to enable federated access to web resources that are available via eduGAIN.
  • eduTEAMS - an AAI as a service offer that leverages eduGAIN identities to enable research and education communities to create and manage virtual teams.
  • InAcademia - a real time validation service leveraging eduGAIN, built for merchants' validation of student status.


Other work in WP5

Innovation is important an aspect of any technical area. The T&I team manages innovation via the Incubator task, which aims to investigate new T&I related technologies that have no place (yet) in the services ecosystem of GÉANT.

It is also important to engage with the wider community to get inputs for new areas to explore, new services' features and to understand stakeholders' needs. This is done via the Enabling Communities task. 

In addition, the Operational Support task offers operational support primarily to services.

Highlights of 2020 and 2021

  • eduroam develops managed SP prototype

  • eduGAIN runs trails for  eduGAIN F-ticks
  • InAcademia service avalaible in 7 countries
  • eduTEAMS number of engagements with research communities sky rockets -


For any queries, comments or information contact Marina Adomeit and/or Licia Florio

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